Tim Fletcher

I am a Performing Arts Educator in an international school based in Zurich, Switzerland. Hailing from a small city in a remote area of New Zealand, at the age of six I asked my parents if I could start ballet lessons. That decision shaped my life. It spurred a love of moving and being fascinated by movement.

After high school I went to University and completed a Psychology degree, although something was unsettling me and Dance School was the solution. I attended New Zealand’s National Dance School enduring two hard years of training. It was here that contemporary dance became my passion and my focus. At age 24, I secured my first dance contract and proceeded to work professionally in New Zealand for the next two years, in fixed and freelance companies.

Dreaming of life beyond New Zealand shores, I departed Christmas 2002 on a one way ticket to London. Like many dancers in the city – I worked in a bar, before landing a dance job in the small city of St Gallen, Switzerland. I worked in the city theatre for two years on a fixed contract, fulfilling any roles that were required of me. In 2005 I left the company and joined the city theatre in Freiburg, Germany. During that time my freelance connections were growing and in 2006 I shifted to working entirely as a freelancer in Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand. For the next six years I danced for various choreographers and created work myself.

Getting married in 2009 to my awesome wife (and boss at the time) framed the next phase in my life. In early 2012 our first son was born and prompted the need for a regular income. Being in the right place at the right time led to part time work at the Inter-Community School Zurich as a dance teacher. With the birth of our second son in 2014 we cemented the family unit, enjoying the challenges and rewards that only two mini, single minded, whirlwinds can provide.

Formalising the transition to teaching was a no-brainer and I completed my Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching in 2015. Along the way I have explored an interest in film and video, making my own films and documenting stage production, consolidating this with a Diploma in Digital Film. Live interactive video is a passion, and I work with Isadora software. Creating content is done with Adobe products and I am also an Adobe Educator Trainer. In 2011 the city of Zürich awarded me the cultural prize for my contribution to dance.

My passion is now the study of creativity and the arts in education for students, educators, and myself.

Portrait Picture by Nela Fletcher – click picture for link to her instagram or click here

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